Saturday 19 October 2013

Pre Work Experience 
Next week we have a work placement week. Everyone goes out to a company or place to work without pay for a week. This is an opportunity to see what work lifeis like , what a day is like and what it is like to be working in that occupation, Im working in a primary school because I want to be a primary school teacher becuase I love working with children.


Thursday 17 October 2013

Today me, myself and my class finished our cooking course in donnybrook fair. We spent the day practising the dishes we will cook tomorrow for our parents and freinds. The dish my group is responsible for is the Dahl other dishes on our menu includes chicken curry, vegetable curry, naan bread and pavlova. I am looking forward to tomorrow.


jacks thang

this week  the tys found themselves across in donnybrook fare cooking strange and exotic foods such as but limited to curry, nan bread and pavlovas. we were separated into four groups our group was by far the coolest featuring michael, jack, ben, sasha, drew and woody. The first day we made curry ours was more like a soup but in the end it was still nice despite michaels extensive use of chilis. The next day we made nan bread and dip the bread was great with extra butter and salt the dib on the other hand could not be saved.


We have spent this past week in the mysterious kingdom of the kitchen, learning the ancient culinary arts of cooking. We have mastered recipes such as curry, naan bread, dahl and pavlova... Mangoey pavlova. Tomorrow we will be presenting scrumptiously delicious food to customers hungry for food. In my team of master chef-sasins we will create the elusive naan bread from the farthest reaches of Niall's mind. Todays pre tomorrow test turned out to be a huge success.
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I personally do not believe vinegar should ever be in contact with sweet things
its an abomination,a evil lurking within icy peaks of deliciousness,and a crispy,marshmallowy,puffy lie.
we spent this week in donnybrook fair,learning to cook under a chef named niall who was in the car buisness for twenty seven years until he threw it all away and decided to become a chef [for the craic] which we greatly appreciate
aside from having my phone nicked off my multiple times and burning,cutting,swearing and soiling myself beyond measure I enjoyed the experience immensly
except for the bloody vinegar
apparently, vinegar is added to meringues to'The cornflour and vinegar that is added strengthens the egg white and makes it more stable and you get the marshmallowy centres from the shorter cooking time'
but I think that its the result of a jealous cook viciously guarding their original recipe and poisoning all who attempt to make this sugary treat
any and all who so much as try to add HALF the recommended amount will find themselves at the recieving end of a violently ill stomach caused b a mixture of over-sweetness and the bitter pungency of vinegar,seeping through the system and ruining the palates of the innocent
or maybe im overreacting
kiva <3

Cookery Course 2013

This year we went to Donnybrook Fair's Cookery School for a week. Well, really it was 3 days of cooking, with a run through on the Thursday and a dinner to be prepared on the Friday. The dinner would cost seven euro, and would support our India fund for the upcoming school trip.

Day 1, we were introduced to our mentor and started straight away on making a chicken curry. We split into groups of 6 with one Head Chef and each group worked together to create their curry. The entire class followed the one recipe and it all turned out pretty well, with no major disasters. The curry was delicious and everyone finished their plateful.

Day 2, we made a lentil-based dip called dahl and naan breads. This too went with no major fusses, and we all learnt skills like emulsifying and kneading dough. The bakers in some of us emerged and few left the school with no flour on them.. There may have been a few flour fights, both inter-group and year-wide.

Day 3, we made pavolvas and lassies, a creamy and sweet drink. We had great time whipping up cream, beating eggs (and each other) and blending ice, fruit and yoghurt. The pavolvas came out of the oven, white and crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Cream was to top and fruit strewn on top to sweeten.

Day 4, each group took a dish (with one group taking the naan breads) and made it as a preparation for the sponsored lunch we would host on the final day. We were organised and really got to grips with the recipe, learning new skills on the way and sneaking some white chocolate buttons into our tummies (though thankfully not the curry.)

Day 5 has yet to begin, but I'm sure it'll be a roaring success!

Cooking Week in Donnybrook Fair - Nicolas

Cooking Week in Donnybrook Fair:
We spent each day making a different meal including dhal with naam bread, chicken coconut curry, and mango and ginger mini pavlovas. We then spent Thursday improving it and planning for the big lunch for funders of the India trip on Friday. We will spend Friday making meals in our groups for all of the guests. I expect it to be very pressured and exciting and I hope we will raise lots of money for our trip.

-Nicolas Howden